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Figure 8.2 ReCycle! will breathe new life into your audio loops. REX files could be created within ReCycle! and became an adopted format for many digital audio programs such as Cubase VST and Logic Audio. Since the introduction of the REX format, many companies have begun releasing new REX format titles and re-issuing older audio loop titles as well. At the time of this writing, there are literally thousands of audio loops available in the REX format. ROLL YER OWN In Appendix B, "ReCycle! 2.0," you can learn how to create your own REX files from an audio loop. In 2000, when Reason 1.0 was announced, it seemed only right that Propellerhead would incorporate its REX technology into this program, because it's all about remixing and loops. With that, I give you the subject of this chapter, Dr:rex! A Guided Tour of Dr:rex Now that you have a basic idea of what Dr:rex is and the technology behind it, let's begin your tour of the Dr:rex interface. Getting Sound into Dr:rex In the upper-left corner of the Dr:rex interface is its file browser (see Figure 8.3). If you have not loaded a REX file yet, the Patch Browser display will be empty, so you'll want to start by clicking on the folder icon (see Figure 8.4). Either way, this will bring up the Patch Browser, so you can begin to audition and load sounds (see Figure 8.5).