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Appendix D. Additional Resources on the ... > Harmony Central ( www.harmony-centra... - Pg. 439

Synapse Audio ( Synapse Audio is the company behind the Orion Platinum software (see Figure D.10). Another PC-exclusive program, it is a virtual studio along the lines of Reason and Project5. It is also a ReWire master and slave application. It's a program with great sounds and synths that can complement any PC running Reason. Ableton ( Ableton Live is a program that really is on a level of its own. Released in late 2001, Live has changed the way most of us look at manipulating digital audio (see Figure D.11). It is a PC and Mac application as well as a ReWire master or slave for those who want to record, rewire, and remix! Figure D.10 The Synapse Audio website is used to provide updates to the various versions of Orion.