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ReFill Ingredients This section analyzes a typical ReFill and explains the different samples and presets included. REX files Redrum patches and files NN-XT and NN-19 patches and files Malström and Subtractor patches Real-time effects patches REX Files As you read in Appendix B, "ReCycle! 2.0," a REX file is a digital audio file format created by another Propellerhead Software title called ReCycle!. This program imports an AIFF or WAV file, slices it up, and saves the slices in an individual file. Once imported into a program that supports the REX format, that REX file can then be used at different tempos. On the surface, it might appear that Dr:rex is the only device that supports the REX format, but this is not true. Redrum, NN-19, and NN-XT all support the REX format in their own unique ways. Although they are mentioned throughout this book, let's take a moment to recap and review. As you may remember from the previous chapters and appendixes, there are several different versions of the REX file (i.e., REX, REX2, RCY), but to keep things simple, I will just use REX for the remainder of this appendix. Redrum Your REX The REX file support in Redrum is especially unique and interesting, because it differs greatly from Dr:rex, NN-19, and the NN-XT. Instead of importing an entire REX file as these other devices do, Redrum can import individual REX slices (see Figure C.1). This opens the door to interesting combinations of sounds and styles. On channel 1, you could load up a kick drum REX slice from a techno styled REX file, and then you could import a snare REX slice from an acoustic-styled REX file. The combinations are endless. NN-19 and NN-XT Both of these virtual samplers can import entire REX files and map them across their virtual keyboards, as shown in Figure C.2. Although the parameters of the NN-19 might appear to be quite similar to those found on Dr:rex, there are a few tricks and treats that clearly set the two devices apart. For starters, the Spread knob found at the upper-left corner of the NN-19 can create a cool auto pan effect, where the REX slices will randomly pan from left to right in the stereo field. The NN-19 envelope, which sounds great, also contains an additional Invert knob, which is used to invert the effect of the envelope. These are just a couple of differences, but you get the picture. The NN-XT is the sampler's sampler when it comes to handling REX files. Aside from the individual parameters, the NN-XT can assign REX slices to any of its 16 individual outputs (see Figure C.3). Imagine the routing possibilities.