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3. 4. 5. 6. Click the Save button. The audio loop will be saved as a REX2 file. Start Reason and load a Dr:rex loop player (see Figure B.16). Click on the Folder icon of Dr:rex to locate a REX2 file to import. Locate your new REX2 file and import it into Dr:rex (see Figure B.17). Figure B.16 Start Reason and load a Dr:rex. Figure B.17 Load your new REX2 file into Dr:rex. RECYCLE! IS NOT JAGUAR READY At the time of this writing, ReCycle! is currently unavailable for the Mac OS X software. Propellerhead Software's official answer to this query is that an OS X version of ReCycle! is on the "to-do list," but there is no officially announced date yet. Stay tuned to the Propellerhead website at for developments.