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Figure B.14 Turn on the real-time effects by clicking on their buttons. Now select a preset from the pull- down menu. 5. Activate the Envelope effect by clicking on its button, located to the far left of the interface, and then select one of its presets, located just to the right of the button. A good one to try is the "Fake Backwards" preset, which creates a reverse effect on the slices by using a combination of Attack and Decay. If you like, you can edit these parameters more to your liking or just activate the other effects, such as the Transient Shaper (or compression) or the EQ (equalizer). 6. At this point, you can export your audio loop as a REX2 file and import it into Dr:rex in a couple of clicks. BEFORE YOU EXPORT Before you export your audio loop, make sure that you return the tempo to its original setting. In the case of the "Drum Tools Demo" file, the tempo is 80.085 BPM. Otherwise, ReCycle! will export the audio loop as a REX2 file with a default tempo of whatever the Tempo box reads.