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Now that the slices have been created, you are ready to push on and work with the ReCycle! effects. Follow these steps to do so: 1. You must first assign a numeric amount of bars to this loop. Because this tutorial uses the "Drum Tools Demo" file, this is a one-bar loop. Navigate to the upper portion of the ReCycle! interface, where you will find the Bars/Beats/Time Sign toolbar (see Figure B.10). Select the Bars box and enter 1. This will tell ReCycle! that this audio loop is one bar long. Also notice that ReCycle! has automatically assigned a tempo of 80.085 BPM (beats per measure) to this loop. Figure B.10 The Bars/Beats/Time Sign toolbar is where you assign the number of bars to an audio loop. 2. To the left of the transport controls you will find the Preview Toggle button (see Figure B.11). Click on it once to activate it. Figure B.11 Click on the Preview Toggle button to allow access to the internal real-time effects or preview your loop at