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Appendix A. The ReBirth of Cool > Hold the Phone! Isn't This Book about Reason? - Pg. 405

B ReCycle! 2.0 When it comes to using tempo-based audio loops in music composition, one of the bigger challenges is using the loops in songs of different tempos. Before ReCycle! was available, there were only two ways to do this: 1. 2. Map the loop across a set of keys on a hardware sampler and mathematically determine the tempos. Compress or stretch the audio loops to fit your tempo in a program such as Pro Tools or Cubase Audio. In either process, you ran the risk of losing audio quality from the loop, and, what's worse, the pitch of the processed audio loop would be higher or lower than the pitch of the original. Released in 1994, Propellerhead ReCycle! solved this problem by providing an original take on making audio loops fit into different tempos (see Figure B.1).