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Slice and Dice ReCycle! uses a unique editing process of virtually "slicing" an audio loop in places it determines by use of a sensitivity slider. Once this process is finished, ReCycle! can finish the job by performing one of two additional tasks: 1. 2. Transmitting the slices to a hardware sampler by way of SCSI or MIDI. Exporting the slices in a different audio format called REX2 (ReCycle! EXclusive). The REX2 file is a proprietary format created by Propellerhead Software and is supported by many software applications, such as Reason, Cubase SX/SL, and Logic Audio. Essentially, a REX2 file is a series of slices created by ReCycle!. These slices are transmitted as one audio file that is then imported into software that supports the REX2 format. Once the REX2 file has been imported into a program, it can be used at virtually any tempo by simply adjusting the individual slices to conform to the new tempo. In musical terms, if you have a drum loop set at 110 BPM and you want to use it in a song that is 120 BPM, you can import that loop into ReCycle!, create a REX2 file from it, and import it into your song. Additionally, if you want to change the tempo in your song at a later date, the REX2 file will adjust accordingly to fit that tempo. Roll Yer Own REX2 Files Creating your own REX2 files for Reason is less of a challenge than you might think. In this