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A Guided Tour of the Redrum Interface > The Drum Sound Channels - Pg. 150

2. 3. 4. Rename the second reMix Redrum Submix by clicking on the virtual tape at the left of reMix (see Figure 7.20). Press Tab. You will see that the Redrum submix has automatically been routed to the primary reMix by way of the Chaining Master inputs (see Figure 7.21). Scroll down the Device Rack and find Redrum, which should be the bottom device. Click and hold on the outputs to bring up the routing pull-down menu. Now select Disconnect to virtually disconnect Redrum from the primary reMix (see Figure 7.22). Using your mouse, click and drag each individual Redrum output to an input on the Redrum Submix, as shown in Figure 7.23. 5. Figure 7.20 Rename the second reMix Redrum Submix. Figure 7.21 Reason has already