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A Guided Tour of the Redrum Interface > Browsing and Loading Patches - Pg. 146

Located just below the display window are the scroll and browser buttons. These are the tools you will use to change the kick drum sample loaded on drum sound channel 1. The scroll buttons will allow you to manually navigate through your available samples one by one. Try clicking on the Scroll Down button once and notice that a new kick drum sample will load almost instantly. Also try clicking on the Scroll Up button to return to the original kick drum sample. CHECK YOUR LIST Redrum offers a quicker method of locating samples. Just click once on the display window and a very long list of available samples should pop up (see Figure 7.16). As you can see, there are many kick drum samples to choose from. Additionally, you will find that a lot of these listed samples can be musically categorized by their filenames. For example, the kick drum sample named Bd2_Abused.wav would suggest that this kick drum is suitable for industrial-style music, whereas Bd2_Chemical.wav would be used in big beat Fatboy Slim type music. Figure 7.16 Redrum is chock full of samples to fill every channel.