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Sends and Pans Located just below the Sample Browser controls are the Sends and Panning knobs for each Redrum channel. These knobs perform a function similar to that of the Sends and Panning knobs on reMix--they control both the amount of signal that is sent off to a real-time effect and where the signal is placed within the stereo field. As you read further in this book, you'll find that every module has a couple of neat but subtle tricks up its sleeve, and Redrum is certainly no exception to the rule. The Sends knobs, or "S1" and "S2," as they are labeled, are directly linked to the same effect sends as reMix. If you recall from Chapter 4, "Creating Your First Reason Song," reMix has four auxiliary knobs, or "sends" that send the desired amount of dry signal to one of the loaded real- time effects that are virtually routed to it. In this example, you should have a reverb and a delay effect routed to reMix that can be accessed by using auxiliary sends 1 and 2. This is the same setup for Redrum, because the "S1" and "S2" knobs have access to these effects as well. In Redrum terms, this means that you can assign individual drum samples to their own real-time effects, which in turn can create a much more dynamic and creative mix. (See Figure 7.18.) Figure 7.18 Both reMix and Redrum have access to auxiliary effects one and two. The Pan knob controls where each drum sample is placed within the stereo field of a mix. Creatively using all 10 of these knobs can produce a very realistic drum mix that mirrors an acoustic drum kit. For example, give this drum mix idea a spin: Pan the kick dead center at the 12:00 position. Pan the snare slightly off to the left or right at either the 10:00 or 2:00 position. Pan the hi-hat (closed and open) to the left or right at either the 9:00 or 3:00 position. Pan the high tom to the 11:00 or 1:00 position. Pan the low tom to the 10:00 or 2:00 position. Try varying the panning to come up with your own interesting combination. It's important to experiment with every aspect of mixing if you want to produce a song that is truly original and attention grabbing. Stereo was invented for a reason, so use it! One additional point of interest to note here is the LED located just above the knob that indicates whether the loaded sample is a mono or stereo sample. The LED lights up when the sample is stereo and stays dark when the sample is mono. Advanced Redrum Routing with ReMix Being the meticulous person that I am, I like having as much control over virtual synths and sound modules in Reason as possible. When it comes to Redrum, I like to be able to make reMix faders available to each sound Redrum can produce. That way, I have total volume and panning control at my disposal, and many additional virtual routing possibilities--for example, using a compressor as an insert effect on the kick sound channel.