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A Guided Tour of the NN-19 > The NN-19 Virtual Keyboard Display - Pg. 245

according to the settings of the F. Envelope parameters. When assigned a negative amount, the pitch will lower according to the same parameters. You're going to have a little fun with this knob later on. The Filter Section The NN-19 Filter section is used to shape the timbre of the loaded samples (see Figure 11.12). Its functionality is akin to the filter sections of Dr:rex and Subtractor, because it is a multimode filter with five available filters. Notch--This filter can be thought of as the opposite of a Band Pass filter. It will reject the mid-frequencies, yet allow the high frequencies and low frequencies to pass through. Although not the most dramatic filter effect, it still has a place in the mix for making minor changes to a sample. High Pass--HP 12 is the opposite of the Low Pass filters; it will filter out the low frequencies, yet allow the high frequencies to pass through. It has a roll-off curve of 12 decibels per octave. Band Pass--Labeled BP 12, this filters out both the high and low frequencies, leaving the mid frequencies alone to be toyed with. With a roll-off curve of 12 decibels per octave, the BP 12 can be used effectively on instrument loops such as a guitar loop or possibly hi-hat heavy percussion loops. 12dB Low Pass--Also called LP 12, this filter is similar to the 24dB low pass, but the roll-off curve is not as strong, because it has a range of 12 decibels per octave. This makes the LP 12 a perfect solution for creating a filter sweep that is low but