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A Guided Tour of Dr:rex > Getting Sound into Dr:rex - Pg. 181

In order to hear the effect of the LFO, you must first adjust the Amount knob, located to the right of the Rate knob. Once this parameter is turned up, you can start to explore the other functions of the LFO. Keeping It in Sync No "boy band" jokes, please. The LFO has the capability to modify the main oscillator in either free time or synchronized time that is determined by the master tempo of the Transport Control. To activate the synchronization, click on the Sync button, located directly above the waveform selector (see Figure 8.16). This will sync the Dr:rex LFO with the Reason master tempo. At this point, you can follow this up by assigning both a waveform shape and a destination to the LFO. Figure 8.16 Activating the Sync option will synchronize the LFO with the tempo of your Reason song. As shown here, when the Sync button is activated, the Rate knob adjusts the rate of the LFO in note values. Waveforms--Take Your Pick