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Getting Sound into Dr:rex > Getting Sound into Dr:rex - Pg. 182

Filter will send the LFO modulation to the filter section of Dr:rex. This can produce a tempo-based filter sweep effect if the Sync button is activated. Pan sends the LFO modulation to the pan controls of Dr:rex. When synced, this will create a tempo-based stereophonic effect. The Amp Envelope It takes two basic actions to create an audible sound--the generation of the sound and its amplification. This chapter has spent a great deal of time focusing on the generation of sound in Dr:rex. The amplification aspect is covered by Dr:rex's Amp Envelope feature (see Figure 8.17). Figure 8.17 The Dr:rex Amp Envelope is used to affect the overall amplitude of Dr:rex. Level--This slider controls the volume of Dr:rex. Attack--When a sound's envelope is triggered, the Attack parameter determines the length of time before the envelope reaches its maximum value. Decay--Once the maximum value is reached, the Decay parameter determines the