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8.8. MP3 resources

Here is a list of some of the many online resources for MP3:

MP3 for Beginners


This is MP3.com's beginners guide to using and creating MP3 files, including encoding and playback. It offers information about where to find MP3 files, as well as players and encoders for a variety of computer platforms. Also featured is the latest in news, press releases, and headlines referring to all MP3-related issues.

Winamp home page


This is the web site for one of the most popular MP3 players for the Windows platform. The site includes plug-in and skin files for customizing of your player.

SoundJam home page


This is the web site for the most popular MP3 player for the Macintosh platform.

Macast home page


This is the web site for the second most popular MP3 player for the Macintosh platform.



SHOUTcast is a streaming audio system for Windows and Unix platforms. SHOUTcast allows anyone with Nullsoft's Winamp audio player and an Internet connection to broadcast audio via the Internet. The site features information on configuring and running your own Internet radio station using SHOUTcast.

Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG)


This is the official site of the MPEG group, which drafts the standards for MPEG. The site provides information about the MPEG specifications as well as the latest in standardization for MPEG.

Xing Technology web site


This site is home to Xing Technology with information about Xing's commercially available MPEG products, which are among the best. Products include the XingMP3 Encoder, all-in-one AudioCatalyst, and the Streamworks MPEG audio server.

MusicMatch web site


This site is home to MusicMatch Jukebox, with information about the all-in-one product that allows ripping, encoding, databasing, and playback of MP3 files, all free of charge.

Diamond Multimedia


This site has information about the Diamond Rio MP3 player and much more on MP3. See also Diamond's http://www.rioport.com for access to lots of legal MP3 files.

Lycos MP3 search


Lycos created an MP3 database that lists millions of MP3-formatted songs available for downloading from thousands of web sites.



2look4 is an MP3 search engine with many features and additional information listings of MP3 FTP servers.



Emusic is known as the Internet record company. This site features tons of music, commercially available as well as free for download. It also features artist profiles.

Yepp Player


The Yepp player is Samsung's answer to the Rio portable player for MP3 files.

Microsoft Media Player


The Microsoft media player supports MP3 playback, with certain caveats. Please read the latest information.

QuickTime Player


The QuickTime player supports MP3 playback as well as a host of other formats.



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