RealText RealText is the markup language that defines how streaming text looks and operates within a G2 presentation. Because text files are typically small, streaming text consumes minimal bandwidth, usually less than 1 Kbps, and therefore has an almost negligible impact on the overall bitrate of a G2 show. RealText syntax Like SMIL and RealPix, standalone tags are self-closing--they must end with a forward slash (/). All tag and attribute names must be lowercase, and attribute values must be enclosed within double quotation marks. RealText supports many standard HTML layout and appearance tags, including <br/ > and <p> for line breaks and spacing, as well as <b> and <i> for bolding and italicizing. Coded characters such as &nbsp; for nonbreaking space are supported as well. Many more advanced HTML features, such as tables and frames, are not supported. For a full list of supported tags and coded characters, refer to RealNetwork's RealText Au- thoring Guide at The SMIL 2 specification is expected to greatly enhance the functionality of the SMIL spec- ification. Window types