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Chapter 6. Setting Up Your Studio > The Hardware and Accessories You’ll Need

The Hardware and Accessories You’ll Need

When it comes to recording, you need components to take care of a handful of jobs: You need something to turn sound into electrical signals; something to record those electrical signals into a digital file; a way to listen to your recording to make sure it sounds the way you want it to; and cables to move signals between all these other components. For most of us, the pieces we use for these jobs will be a microphone, a computer, headphones, and cables. Most of the time, it’s easy to make sure that all of the pieces work well together, but there are a few key issues to watch for when you’re choosing components to make sure you avoid problems when you’re building your studio.

Table 6.1. Equipment You’ll Need to Begin Podcasting
ComputerHolds everything together
Sound CardConverts analog sound wave to digital sound files (and back again)—provides physical connection between microphone and computer
MicrophoneConverts sound pressure waves to electrical signals
CableCarries electrical signal between components
HeadphonesAllow a person to listen to podcasts without annoying others
Mixing BoardCombines the signals from two or more microphones (or other sound sources) into a single signal for recording
Recording SoftwareControls the process of recording a sound file on your computer
Editing/Mixing SoftwareAllows you to make changes in recorded sound files or combine multiple sound files into a single file
FTP SoftwareFile Transfer Protocol software for moving completed sound files from your computer to the server where others will find them
Portable RecordersFor making recordings when you can’t have a computer with you
CasesYou want to keep your studio safe when you take it on the road
CamerasFor documenting the visual landscape when you’re recording your podcast



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