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Chapter 13. Generating Income with Your ... > Four Basic Revenue Models - Pg. 145

Generating Income with Your Podcast 145 Four Basic Revenue Models There are four basic revenue models you can pursue. The first two models can be used separately or together. The third model is somewhat--but not entirely--compatible with the other two. Using the fourth model will generally preclude the use of the other three. The Associate/Affiliate Model Affiliate programs allow you to sell products to your listeners from your website and receive a com- mission. For most podcasters, this will be the revenue model of choice. It has a number of inherent advantages over the other approaches you might use: · · · · It doesn't require you to sell anything. You can begin generating revenue immediately. It doesn't have the negative connotations that some people attach to other methods. It allows you to deliver added value to your listeners. The most popular affiliate program--by far--is the one offered by An association with the largest bookseller on the Internet is a natural one for podcasters. After all, regardless of which topics you cover in your podcast, there are certainly books that are directly relevant. Beyond books, Amazon offers a range of products that is so large and diverse, it's virtually certain that you can find products to offer for sale that specifically relate to your audience's interests and needs. When you become an Amazon Associate, you're supplied with an identifier that you can add to links to Amazon products that you feature on your website. When one of your listeners buys one of those products, you get a commission of up to 10 percent of the price of that product. In addition, you will receive a commission on anything else your listener buys from Amazon if they visit the site through