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When GarageBand was announced in January 2004, we immediately knew that it was something special. Musicians and Mac lovers rushed to the Apple stores when iLife '04 was released later that month to get their hands on it.

The exclamation, “This is the tool I have been waiting for!” was heard around the world that day. GarageBand was an instant software hit.

GarageBand is a revolutionary tool that lets you create songs using your own compositions and premade loops. You can plug your keyboard, guitar, or microphone into your Mac and use it as a recording studio. Then, you can export your songs for use in audio CDs, downloadable files, and video soundtracks.

We quickly saw the need for a book on GarageBand and began writing. This book is the result.

We've created something for beginners and experts alike. It covers the basics but is deep enough to teach new tricks to old dogs as well.

Whether you make a living from music or just enjoy music, GarageBand is a wonderful and fun tool. We think we have created a book that will help you find even more profit and enjoyment from it. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed writing it.


This book is geared to just about anyone who wants to use GarageBand. Whether you are new to music, new to Macs, or an expert at both, you will find that this book is a useful guide.


With the introduction of GarageBand, Apple is telling musicians: “We want you!” Rather than relying on third-party software to make the Mac useful to you, Apple has taken it upon itself to practically build in music-making software by making GarageBand available as part of the $49 iLife '04 package.

This book guides you through the GarageBand interface and helps you take full advantage of what the software can do for you.


Many Mac users start by buying their computers for one thing or the other: doing term papers, surfing the Internet, desktop publishing, and so on. But, they soon find that their Macs are more useful than they could have possibly imagined.

Now Mac users have yet another thing they can do with their Macs: make music. Even people who can't play any instrument at all can use GarageBand to put together loops and create songs.

This book shows you how to use GarageBand, and it does not assume that you are a virtuoso or that you can even play Chop Sticks.


With GarageBand, Apple is hoping to make converts. Many people find themselves switching to Macs as new software gets introduced. iPhoto brought over some people interested in digital photography, the iPod brought over some music lovers, and iMovie and iDVD brought over home video amateurs and beginning filmmakers.

With GarageBand, many musicians and music lovers will find themselves buying their first Mac. This book guides you through learning GarageBand even if you are not familiar with the Mac interface.


This book starts off with the simplest aspects of GarageBand. Chapter 1, “Getting Started with GarageBand,” helps you get it installed; then Chapter 2, “Making Music with Apple Loops,” shows you how to create a song without any musical background at all.

Chapters 35 show musicians how to record their own compositions using MIDI keyboards, instruments like guitars, and vocals through a microphone.

Even non-musicians may find that working with GarageBand is so easy it brings out talent they never thought they had.

Then Chapter 6, “Editing and Mixing Your Music,” goes on to show you more advanced production techniques.

Musicians and non-musicians alike can then use Chapter 7, “Finishing Up,” to learn how to export songs to iTunes, burn them to CDs, and send them to friends.

Chapters 810 deal with advanced techniques like making your own instruments and loops.

The appendixes include valuable reference material, such as information on how to expand GarageBand and set up your studio, lists of MIDI instruments, and a MIDI drum map. You can also find a list of online resources so you know where to get the latest GarageBand news and techniques.


This book includes many examples. You can re-create each example by following along with the tutorials. If you wish to compare your work with the files we generated while writing this book, you can visit the book's Web site:


We will also be posting updates here:


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