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Chapter 3. Using RealMedia > RealMedia Stream Attributes

RealMedia Stream Attributes

Every RealMedia on-demand file or live stream contains many attributes that not only describe the content, but also include instructions for the server and player. These attributes, also called metadata, are separate from the encoded audio and the specific codec. Filling out this information might seem a little time consuming, but it’s good to do. It’s frustrating to hear good music and have no idea who is performing it. Most RealMedia file attributes are referred by the same names across different encoding tools, but a few exceptions exist. RealMedia’s available attributes are outlined here, noting when some software tools call them by other names:

  • Author— A blank text field for entering the author of the content of your stream.

  • Title— A blank text field for entering the title of your stream.

  • Copyright— A blank text field for entering copyright information for your stream.

    FezGuys’ Tip

    To quickly get a copyright symbol on the Macintosh, press Option+G; on Windows, press Alt+Ctrl+C.)

  • Description— A blank text field for entering a short description of your stream. (Consider putting a relevant URL here!)

  • Keywords— A blank text field for entering a few keywords that describe your stream. Three or four words are enough.

  • Audience Rating— A blank text field or a list, such as General—All Ages, Parental Guidance Recommended, Adult Supervision Required, and Adults Only, that provides moral judgment about your stream.

  • File Should Not Be Indexed By Search Engines— An option that is only relevant for your on-demand RealMedia files. Checking this option adds a header tag that most search engines accept to ignore the file when updating its search database. If you’re creating content for a private audience, this is useful. Of course, if you want to be indexed by search engines, leave this box unchecked.

  • Perfect Play— An on/off check box that allows RealPlayers that are connected at low modem speeds to play higher bit rate files in real-time by using heavy buffering. It’s nice to provide this feature to listeners who have slow connections, so select this option when possible.

  • Allow Recording— An on/off check box that allows some RealPlayer Plus users to save local copies of your stream on their computer. Typically, authors don’t want to allow this. Peak calls this feature Copy-protect and reverses the on/off meaning accordingly.

  • Allow Download— An on/off check box that allows people with an audible-ready handheld device to download a RealMedia clip. More info on this is available at www.audible.com. Older versions of Sound Forge call this option Mobile Play.

  • File Type— Typically a radio-button selection that enable authors to choose between RealNetworks’ proprietary SureStream or Single Rate. SureStream requires playback through a RealServer, and Single Rate works with both RealServers and Web servers. SureStream will be selected wherever possible.

  • Target Audience— Typically a multiple choice checkbox to determine the correct bit rate and codecs for a given file. Available with recent RealProducer encoders that support G2 (and later) versions.



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