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Chapter 2. Preparing Yourself > On-Demand Audio: Getting Your Source into Digit...

On-Demand Audio: Getting Your Source into Digital Format

In the following two examples, you’ll rip a song from a CD to a digital (uncompressed) audio file on your computer desktop.

STEP-BY-STEP: Ripping from a CD to a Digital File Using Audiograbber v1.80

Insert an audio CD into the CD-ROM drive of your Windows computer.

Run the Audiograbber program and select Settings, MP3 Settings (see Figure 2.3).

Figure 2.3. Grab To: Wav file selected in Audiograbber’s “MP3 Settings.”

In the Grab To area of the dialog box, select Wav File. This setting tells Audiograbber to make the ripped file into a WAV format file.

Go to Settings, General Settings and choose the directory location for your folder of WAV audio files.

Click OK.

Make sure only the tracks you want to rip are checked in the Track List dialog box. If track names do not show in the Track List box, click the Freedb button (the Penguin icon) in the Audiograbber main window. Through your computer’s active online connection, Audiograbber can access Freedb’s giant online database of CD track information. If track names still don’t show up, you have to enter them manually. It’s worth doing even though it’s time consuming; it’s better than chasing down obscure Track 1 and Track 2 names in your folder.


The free version of Audiograbber only allows half of the tracks on any given CD to be recorded at once. You can restart the program multiple times to have it re-do the random selection of which tracks are available for ripping.

With your settings and your tracks selected, click the Grab button. Audiograbber rips the files from the CD. Ripped files are then placed in the folder you specified. Your files have gone from your CD to your computer (see Figure 2.4)!

Figure 2.4. Click Grab to begin ripping your selected tracks with Audiograbber.



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