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What Is This Book?

In this book, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting started, using, and mastering the basics of streaming audio. Maybe you suddenly find yourself with the responsibility of upgrading your company’s entire online presence. Or you have an overwhelming desire to provide streaming music through your band’s Web site. You might want to include the chortling glurbles of your infant grandchild (alongside the 500 photographs) on a family Web site. At any level of responsibility and urgency, you will find useful, real-world, step-by-step explanations empowering you to create streaming audio in just a couple of hours.

Assumptions About the Reader

You should already have a basic knowledge about operating a stereo system and a computer. For example, you should already know that stereo means two channels of sound. It is also assumed that you can get around on your computer comfortably: opening, using, and closing files, folders, and applications. It is further assumed that you know how to download and install applications from the Internet and already have a Web site, however simple. The next step is merely connecting those two common devices. It is really that simple.

Because Windows-based operating systems are currently the most prevalent desktop environment, and because Macintosh-based operating systems are heavily favored by the professional music community, this book focuses on these two operating systems. Users who are working within Unix or other operating systems who are conversant enough with Mac and Windows platforms can also make use of the information in this book.

Although this book contains software applications purchased from companies, it is also possible to get perfectly satisfactory results using shareware or freeware applications. A list of these and other applications can be found in the Appendix, “Tools and Resources.”

This book uses a fair smattering of audio and computer tech jargon, but nothing too obscure. If you see an unfamiliar term, check the Glossary.

What This Book Will Give You

This book will give you the ability to take whatever sound, song, speech, or noise you fancy and place that sound, song, speech, or noise online, in a variety of formats, wherever you see fit. It also provides online resources to further your abilities.

What This Book Will Not Give You

  • Information on downloading music online

  • Resources for creating a Web site.

  • Information on file sharing or peer-to-peer networks (P2P)

  • A record contract

  • Considerate neighbors

  • Good digestion

  • A mastery of the English language

  • Hives

  • Creative Edge
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