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Chapter 2. Starting Out > Professional-Quality Podcasting - Pg. 52

Structure What is the show's format? What recurring elements, called format elements, does the show use to keep you listening to this podcast, and coming back for future podcasts? Is the interesting stuff in the beginning, at the end, or mixed throughout? Style How are they presenting themselves? Are they professional or aloof? Are they just goofing around? Is their style related to what they are talking about? Technical elements Are they using their blog in a unique or novel way? Have they put together some- thing new with RSS? Do they offer a new way of contacting them with feedback? You should be on the lookout for all of these things when determining what to include in your show. Content What's holding your attention? This is particularly important, since it's primarily what keeps people coming back to the show. When something moves you, listen to it over and over and figure out what is keeping you engaged. You can learn from what does and doesn't work. When you hear something that works you will want to take that idea and see if it can work on your show. And when something falls over, you will want to make sure you aren't making the same mistakes. This pertains not just to podcasts, but to anything on the radio, on television, or in what you read. The structures remain the same throughout. The narrative arc that