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Preface > How This Book Is Organized

How This Book Is Organized

The book is divided into several chapters, organized by subject:

Chapter 1, Tuning into Podcasts

The hacks in this chapter teach you how to listen to podcasts through your browser and on a variety of different devices. You'll also learn how to find good podcasts and share them with your friends, as well as how to tune into videoblogs.

Chapter 2, Starting Out

This chapter takes you through the basic hardware and software setup required to make high-quality podcasts. It also shows you how professional shows are produced, and how that knowledge can help you build a better podcast for yourself.

Chapter 3, Quality Sound

The hacks in this chapter cover in depth how to pick the right audio hardware for your podcast, as well as how to reduce noise to get that elusive clean sound.

Chapter 4, Formats

Having quality sound is one thing, but what do you say? Chapter 4 covers the formats of various shows, and provides examples of formats as well as case studies of many popular podcasts.

Chapter 5, Interviewing

Interviewing people is a great way to get compelling content for your podcast. Find out how to interview people, and how to edit the interviews, in this chapter.

Chapter 6, Blogging

This chapter concentrates on the mechanics of posting your podcasts to the Internet. Many options are available, and this chapter will help you sort them out while at the same time avoid being stuck with huge bandwidth bills.

Chapter 7, Publicity

The best podcast in the world won't go anywhere unless people listen to it. In this chapter, you will find out how to market your podcast, make some money off it, and work with the podcasting community.

Chapter 8, Basic Editing

There is a lot more to audio than just hitting the Record button and starting to talk. In this chapter, you'll learn the basics of audio editing, what applications are available, and how to understand and use audio effects and filters.

Chapter 9, Advanced Audio

The hacks in this chapter take things a step further and show you how to build your own home studio, integrate audio feedback, add sound effects, and more.

Chapter 10, On the Go

You can do only so much from the studio. Find out how to take your show on the road with the hacks in this chapter.

Chapter 11, Videoblogging

Add a new dimension to your podcast by creating videos in addition to your sound. This chapter covers the basics of videoblogging and shows you how to create a teleprompter to give your videoblogs a professional feel.

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