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This book covers a diverse range of hacks, a feat that was possible only with a diverse group of contributors. The following people contributed their hacks and knowledge to this book:

  • Jay Allison is an independent broadcast journalist and regular contributor to public radio's national programs. He has received five Peabody Awards. His recent co-productions include "This I Believe," "Hidden Kitchens," and "Lost & Found Sound." Allison founded Atlantic Public Media (http://www.atlantic.org) to create new public radio stations on Cape Cod, where he lives. APM is also responsible for the Peabody Award–winning web site, Transom.org, which brings new voices to public radio, and the Public Radio Exchange (http://www.prx.org), which enables grass roots distribution of programming. Allison has also produced documentaries for ABC's Nightline and published essays in the New York Times Magazine.

  • Originally a Fine Arts graduate with an interest in computers and interactive installations, Tim Baker has been a multimedia consultant and professional interactive and web designer since graduating in 1995. Tim has also been involved with the UK and international mash-up/bootleg scene since 2002, and he runs the MutantPop forum at http://www.mutantpop.net/, as well as more recently the Radio Clash mash-up podcast at http://www.mutantpop.net/radioclash/. He lives in London.

  • Stacy Bond currently produces KQED's The California Report, a statewide public radio program heard by 650, 000 listeners daily. Her shiny new production company, AudioLuxe (http://www.audioluxe.org/), is developing dynamic, innovative radio for a new generation of listeners. She writes and lives in San Francisco, with her husband and kitty.

  • Originally from Los Angeles, Sam Curtis Coutin produced his first podcasts in October 2004: The Sports Pod (http://thesportspod.com/) and Podcat's Best Of (http://podcat.com/). Soon after, Sam launched My Sports Radio (http://mysportsradio.com/), the premier sports podcast network and directory. With an MBA from MIT and an entrepreneurial fire, Sam also runs Podcast Productions, a podcast consulting practice in San Francisco.

  • Emily Donahoe works both as a freelance consultant and as a senior media trainer at Media Training Worldwide. She has trained CEOs, executives, authors, government officials, physicians, and public relations directors to be better communicators. Ms. Donahoe's recent client list includes Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Environmental Protection Agency, Diners Club, AGI—Lexington Insurance Company, P.F. Chang's, Cendant Corporation (Hotel Group), American Kennel Club, Illumina, E-gain, National Multi Housing Council, American Spine Association, Jefferson Pilot Financial, Sovereign Bank, Minnesota State University, and the District Department of Transportation. Her clients have most recently appeared on The Today Show, Sharon Osbourne, the WB network, and New York One, and in print and Internet media including the New York Times, MSNBC.com, CNN.com, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, The Boston Herald, The Daily News, and Newsday. She taught public speaking at the University of California, San Diego for two years. Her CD with TJ Walker, "Fear No More: Exorcising Your Public Speaking Demons, " is available through Amazon.

  • Glenn Fleishman is a freelance journalist who lives in Seattle with his wife, son, and a dozen computers scattered around the vicinity. He writes about wireless technology regularly at Wi-Fi Networking News (http://wifinetnews.com/) and about Macs at TidBITS (http://tidbits.com/).

  • Michael W. Geoghegan (http://reelreviewsradio.com/) is a well-known figure among podcasters and has been involved in podcasting since its earliest days. His show, Reel Reviews, was the Internet's first movie review, commentary, and discussion podcast. Michael has gone on to leverage his podcasting experience by producing a number of other popular shows aimed at the lifestyle and technology markets. He also offers his services as a consultant to businesses developing podcasting and portable media strategies.

  • Brendan Greeley is the web editor and a producer for PRI's Open Source, which can be found at http://radioopensource.org. He has presented on podcasting at a number of national conferences, including at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, and he served for a year as the site editor of the Public Radio Exchange. His print work has appeared in the New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal Europe. He is the audio editor of the Little Gray Book lecture series in Brooklyn, and his audio work has been featured on Transom.org, Radio Netherlands, Wonkette, and Andrew Sullivan's Daily Feed as well as on public radio stations around the country.

  • Brian Ibbott is from Arvada, Colorado, where he podcasts his show, Coverville, three times a week. Aside from a yearlong stint as a wedding DJ, Brian's professional career has always been in the technical services and web development industry. Brian has a wife, Tina, and a son, Tristan.

  • Tony Kahn is a 35-year veteran of public radio and television. He has produced, written, hosted, and narrated more than 60 programs, including Enterprise, Odyssey, Zoom, Nova, and Frontline. He was the original host of PRI's The World, co-host of MPR's Savvy Traveler, a frequent contributor to Morning Edition and Marketplace, and a regular panelist on NPR's weekly quiz show, Says You. His work has been awarded 12 New England Emmys, the Edward R. Murrow Award, and numerous Gold Medals from the New York International Radio and Television Festival. His national docudrama, Blacklisted, starring Ron Leibman, Carroll O'Connor, Eli Wallach, and Stockard Channing, received numerous accolades as well, including the Best of Show of the New York Festival. He is currently the director and producer of WGBH's Morning Stories, public radio's first podcast and one of the most frequently downloaded podcasts now online.

  • Viki Merrick is an editor for Transom.org (http://Transom.org/) and producer at Atlantic Public Media, where she produces local and national commentaries, essays, and slices of life from the new NPR stations for Cape Cod and the islands—WCAI and WNAN—and the weekly four-hour Arts and Ideas with Jay Allison. Currently she is a producer for the new NPR series This I Believe. Viki lives in Woods Hole, Massachu-setts, with her two kids, Ben and Allegra.

  • Gregory Narain is the founder and instigator of the social podcasting movement. Turning the focus away from the computer screen to capture public interaction, Greg has single-handedly turned podcasting into a new, engaging form of social entertainment for the masses. His Spark-Casting.com venture provides both the technology and the platform to empower the revolution.

  • Tony Palermo is a radio dramatist, sound effects artist, and educator who has written, directed, and produced hundreds of dramas and workshops for public radio, the Museum of Television & Radio, the United Nations, audio publishers, colleges, and schools. He performs and teaches across the U.S. and around the world. His most recent work has been with such stellar radio writer/directors as Norman Corwin, Jim Metzner, Yuri Rasovsky, Peggy Webber, Roger Gregg, Lindsay Ellison, and Tom Lopez. He has appeared with many performers from old-time radio as well as contemporary troupes. He predicted podcasting several years ago and feels it will revolutionize the radio industry.

    Tony hosts a Radio Drama Resources web site, where he helps others create and produce shows and offers instruction on script formats, scoring, engineering, directing, and how to make sound effects devices. Learn more at http://www.RuyaSonic.com/.

  • Craig Patchett is the founder of The GodCast Network (http://www.godcast.org/), the first podcast network, and a former magazine publisher and book author. He currently produces four podcasts and hosts three, including Behind the Scenes, which provides podcasters with an inside look at how to create a podcast and make it work. Craig lives and works in San Diego.

  • James Polanco lives in Oakland, California, and has been an established dance DJ for the past seven years. James is an avid technologist and is one of the founding members of Fake Science. James is currently working with fellow contributing writer Chris Walcott on developing new bands in their studio, Cedub Studio.

  • Greg Smith is the developer of FeederReader, a program for the Pocket PC used to download all things RSS. Greg's extensive background in software development, electrical engineering, project management, business and financial systems, with occasional bouts of training, consulting, and amateur musicianship qualifies him to muck around in a lot of different areas.

    He is currently attempting to change the world using a Pocket PC, Visual Studio, and C#, and has been previously known to throw gobs of Perl, HTML, and C into vats of Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Greg lives with his beautiful wife and two kitties in Clinton, Mississippi.

  • Phillip Torrone is associate editor of MAKE magazine and contributing editor to Popular Science. He has authored and contributed to numerous books on mobile devices and design. Phillip is also an Internet strategy analyst for the creative firm Fallon Worldwide, best known for its award-winning work on BMWfilms (http://BMWfilms.com/).

  • Jeff Towne has been producing radio programs for more than 25 years, first with a Marantz cassette recorder and a four-track reel-to-reel tape recorder, and now on digital recorders and computer editing systems. In his more than 15 years with the nationally syndicated program Echoes, he has done extensive remote recording of interviews and musical performances, produced documentary-style features, and prepared shows for both satellite and web distribution. Jeff is also the "Tools Editor" for Transom.org, a Peabody Award–winning web site dedicated to channeling new work and voices to public radio. Transom.org's Tools Section provides technical training in sound acquisition, editing, and mixing.

  • Adam Varga created the Dailysonic MP3zine after spending six months getting dirty and smelly on the Appalachian Trail. He is a New York City native with strong revolutionary tendencies. In his free time, he climbs mountains and makes music.

  • Chris Walcott lives in Oakland, California, and has been a performing musician in the Bay Area for more than 20 years. In addition to playing in many rock/pop bands, Chris has also had the opportunity to play with the Oakland Opera Theater. Chris is most recently focusing on recording and song writing in his studio with fellow contributing writer James Polanco.

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