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Chapter 4. Podcasting Distribution > Liberated Syndication

Liberated Syndication

Liberated Syndication (www.libsyn.com; Figure 4.15) is a Web hosting company designed specifically for podcasting. Libsyn.com goes beyond simple Web-site hosting; it offers a podcast-specific product that includes storage for media (podcasts) and an easy-to-use interface for publishing your podcast.

Figure 4.15. Liberated Syndication is an excellent Web-hosting service that's dedicated to podcasters.

Although Liberated Syndication doesn't offer a front-end Web page per se, it does offer an easy solution for publishing your podcast to an RSS feed for a relatively low cost. The costs of the company's services range from $5 per month (100 MB of storage space) to $30 per month (750 MB). Liberated Syndication takes the attitude that it doesn't want users to be penalized if their programs become popular. Therefore, it does not charge for bandwidth use—only for the space that users' podcasts take up on its servers.

Liberated Syndication is my No. 1 choice for this sort of service. The prices are very reasonable, and you would be hard pressed to find another service that offers so much for so little.

The list of features, as noted on the Libsyn.com Web site, are as follows:

  • Unmetered bandwidth

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • No lock-in (users are not tied to Libsyn.com for their podcasting needs)

  • Quickcast feature that immediately creates a podcast feed for an uploaded media file.

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