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Chapter 2. Working with Songs > Saving a Song - Pg. 25

Working with Songs The new location is in your shared files folder, so they are available to all users of your Mac: /Users/Shared/ GarageBand Demo Songs. 25 Saving a Song If you have any experience with computers, you don't need reminding of this simple truth: Your computer, yes, even your lovely Macintosh, will crash when it is most inconvenient. Or GarageBand will suddenly vanish from the screen and leave you with nothing but one of those maddening "Un- expectedly Quit" messages. So remember to save your work often. GarageBand's Save command gathers up copies of all the audio and MIDI data you've recorded in your song and packages it into one neat bundle. The bundle also includes pointers to any loops you may have used, without copying the loops themselves. To save a song to disk · Choose File > Save (Command-S). To save your song with a different name 1. Choose File > Save As (Command-Shift-S). The Save As dialog (in its minimal form) drops down from the GarageBand window's title bar