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Chapter 4. Working With Loops > Customizing Button View

Customizing Button View

GarageBand's collection of Apple Loops contains more keywords than there are buttons in the loop browser. Indeed, to save space, the loop browser doesn't even ordinarily display all of its buttons at once, but you can expand the loop browser to see more buttons (see the sidebar “Expanding the Loop Browser to See More Buttons” later in this chapter). You can reassign keywords to buttons to make sure that the keywords you use most often are available. You can also arrange keywords in the order that works best for you. And if you make a mess of things, you canuse GarageBand's Preferences dialog to put the keywords back in their original places.

To change the keyword on a button

Control-click the button whose keyword you wish to replace.

A contextual menu appears, showing the types of keywords available (Figure 4.12).

Figure 4.12. The keyword contextual menu.

Choose the type of keyword you want to assign to the button and then choose a new keyword from the submenu (Figure 4.13).

Figure 4.13. Navigate through the menu hierarchy and choose a new keyword.

The new keyword is assigned to the button (Figure 4.14).

Figure 4.14. The button, now graced with a different keyword.

To move a keyword to another button

Drag the button whose keyword you wish to move over another button (Figure 4.15).

Figure 4.15. Starting to drag the button to move it.

The target button will darken when the button you're dragging is in the right position (Figure 4.16).

Figure 4.16. Poised over the new position.

Release the mouse button.

The two keywords exchange places (Figure 4.17).

Figure 4.17. The keywords swap places.

To restore keywords to their original locations:

Choose GarageBand > Preferences (Command-,) to open the Preferences dialog (Figure 4.18). If the General pane is not visible, click the General button.

Figure 4.18. The GarageBand Preferences dialog, showing the General pane.

Click the Keyword Layout: Reset button.

A warning dialog appears, asking whether you're sure that you want to continue (Figure 4.19).

Figure 4.19. One last chance to make up your mind.

Do one of the following:

  • Click Yes to continue. The keywords will be reset to their original configuration.

  • Click No to cancel the operation. The keywords will be left as they are.

Click the Close button (Command-W) in the Preferences dialog to close it.

Expanding the Loop Browser to See More Buttons

Not only does the loop browser have fewer buttons than keywords, it doesn't even display all of the buttons it has when you first open it. By default, 30 buttons are shown (including the Reset and Favorites buttons), but the complete loop browser holds 66 buttons. That's 12 more than GarageBand 1 gave you! Plus the assortment of buttons now includes some blank ones for keywords that Apple didn't think of.

Here's how to see them all:

Move the mouse pointer to the area that divides the timeline from the loop browser. Stay to the left of the Record button or to the right of the time display. The pointer changes into a hand (Figure 4.20).

Figure 4.20. Position the mouse pointer above the loop browser.

Drag upward to reveal more rows of buttons. You can display up to nine rows (Figure 4.21).

Figure 4.21. When you drag upward, more buttons are revealed.

If you stop dragging while a row is partially visible, the browser will snap to the next complete row.

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