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Chapter 4. Working With Loops > Using Button View to Find Loops

Using Button View to Find Loops

In button view, you click keyword buttons to narrow the list of available loops. The first button you click brings up along list of loops in the results list. Each succeeding button you click reduces the number of loops displayed. You can start with any button and click other buttons in any order, so button view encourages free-form searching. Note that as you click buttons, others become dimmed. This means there are no loops that sharethose two characteristics—there are no loops that share the keywords Country and Strings, for example.

To find loops using button view

Optional: Open the Loops menu and choose a loop collection (Figure 4.7).

Click the button to switch to button view (Figure 4.6).

Click a keyword button that characterizes the kind of loop you're looking for (Figure 4.8).

Figure 4.8. Preparing to click a keyword button.

The button you clicked glows blue, and buttons with incompatible keywords are dimmed. A list of loops appears in the results pane of the loop browser (Figure 4.9). The number of loops in the list appears beneath the buttons.

Figure 4.9. After clicking, the button is selected, and the results list shows loops described by the keyword.

You can choose a loop at any time from the results list, or you can continue to click buttons with keywords that describe your desired loop to narrow the search (Figure 4.10).

Figure 4.10. Click more buttons to narrow your search.

Notice that the number of loops found shrinks with each button click.

Once the list of results produces the loop you want, add the loop to your song (see “Adding a Loop to Your Song” later in this chapter).


  • To deactivate a button you have clicked, click it again. It returns to its original state.

  • To start a fresh search, click the Reset button to deselect all of thebuttons you clicked in the course of the previous search (Figure 4.11).

    Figure 4.11. Click the Reset button to start searching from scratch.

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