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Part: 1 Getting Music into GarageBand > Recording Real Instruments - Pg. 120

120 Chapter 6. Recording Real Instruments The process of recording Real Instruments in GarageBand is similar to that for Software Instruments, but different enough that I've provided a separate chapter for each procedure. There is some du- plication between the chapters, but I decided it was better to make each one complete rather than use a lot of cross-references. Once you have your audio equipment set up and connected to your computer, you're ready to record. Recording audio is pretty simple in GarageBand: just click the Record button, and whatever comes in through your audio inputs is captured on your computer's hard disk. Before you click that button, you should check out some GarageBand features that will help you streamline your recording session. Here's what I cover in this chapter: · · · Using the metronome to help you keep a steady beat while recording. Listening to your track while it's being recorded. Using the new instrument tuner.