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Chapter 8. Arranging Regions in the Timeline > Joining Regions - Pg. 168

Arranging Regions in the Timeline 2. Position the playhead at the spot where you want to divide the region (Figure 8.18). 168 Figure 8.18. The region will be split at the playhead. 3. Choose Edit > Split (Command-T). The region is split in two (Figure 8.19). Figure 8.19. One region has become two. Tip · If you split a region that's looped, GarageBand will separate the new split regions from the existing looped regions. It does this because all the repetitions in a looped region have to be the same length. Since you split one of the loops, it's no longer the same length as the others. To compensate, GarageBand takes the split repetition out of the loop, so to speak (Figure 8.20).