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What You’ve Learned

  • You can add a new track for a prerecorded Apple Loop by clicking the loop in the Loop Browser and dragging it to the Timeline below the bottom track.

  • To delete a track, select the track header and choose Track > Delete Track or press Cmd-Delete.

  • To delete a region within a track, select the region and press Delete.

  • The Time Display shows either musical time or actual time. It also shows the current playhead position.

  • Mute silences an individual track.

  • Solo silences all other tracks.

  • To record a Software Instrument, you can create a new Software Instrument track or use an existing Software Instrument track. You also need to make sure the track’s Record Enable button is turned on.

  • With GarageBand 2, you can record one Software Instrument track and up to eight Real Instrument tracks at the same time.

  • The onscreen keyboard that comes with GarageBand is a MIDI interface that can be used to record Software Instruments.

  • The onscreen keyboard works with the selected Software Instrument track.

  • You can drag the expansion triangle in the lower-right edge of the keyboard window to change the size of the keys and the length of the keyboard.

  • To quickly change which range of notes the keys play, you can use the keyboard overview.

  • You can change a track icon in the Track Info window.

  • You can change the location of saved songs. The default location is the GarageBand folder inside the Music folder on your computer.

  • You can change the instrument of any Software Instrument track in the Track Info window.

  • There can be only one GarageBand project open at a time.



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