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Lesson 1. Working with the Interface > Using the Loop Browser in Button View

Using the Loop Browser in Button View

Let’s locate a prerecorded cowbell loop that might work with this song. To use the Loop Browser in Button view, you need to click the Button View button in the lower-left corner of the window.

Click the Button View button, if you’re not already in Button view.

Locate and click the Percussion button to narrow the search to percussion instrument loops.

The search results appear in the results list on the right side of the Loop Browser.


If you can’t read the full names of the loops in the Name column of the search results, click and drag the top-right edge of the Name column header to the right to extend the width of the column.

There are 105 results from your initial search of percussion instrument loops. The number of items is listed at the bottom of the Loop Browser.

Let’s see if you can narrow the search again. Since the cowbell is usually played as an acoustic (non-electronic) instrument, let’s also add another keyword to our search.

Click the Acoustic button.

A cowbell is also a single item or instrument. Use this information to further refine your search.

Click the Single button.

There are now 81 items in the search results.

Click the scroller on the right side of the results list and scroll to the loop named Cowbell Groove 01.

Click the name Cowbell Groove 01 in the search results to preview (listen to) the loop.

The icon to the left of the filename turns to a speaker when you preview a loop.

Click the Cowbell Groove 01 name again to stop the preview.

Click the Reset button in the upper-left corner of the keyword buttons to clear the search results and reset the buttons so no buttons are selected.

You found the cowbell loop, along with many other percussion loops. Searching for loops is a great method if you’re not sure exactly what you want to use, and you’d like to preview different sounds.

In this case, we know specifically what we are looking for—a cowbell sound. When you know exactly what you want, the easiest way to find it is to type the name, or part of the name, in the Search text field.

Type cow in the Search field located at the bottom center of the Loop Browser. Press Return.



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