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Lesson 4. Working with Real Instruments > Creating Guitar Test Tracks

Creating Guitar Test Tracks

In this exercise, you’ll build a test project so you can hear a guitar part with all the different amplifier sounds at the same time.

First, you need to make some new basic tracks.

Click the Add Track button (+) to add a new Real Instrument track.

Choose Guitars and Arena Rock for the new track.

Set the Input pop-up to Channel 1 (Mono).

Set the Monitor pop-up to Off (if it is not already selected) so you don’t have to listen to amplifier noise.

To sound realistic, the amp simulators include the static noise that is inherent with each amplifier sound. If you want to hear the static amplifier noise for the different amp simulators, you can turn the Monitor on.

Click Create.

Repeat steps 1 through 5, but this time, choose a different amp setting in step 2. Go down the list of guitar instruments until you have selected at least six of the different guitar sounds.


If you have installed the Jam Pack expansion, you will have more guitar instruments. Select any six for this test.

Close the Track Info window.

Once the test tracks have been created, you can click any of the track headers and play your guitar to hear it using the new sound.

Moving a Region to Different Tracks

Now that your test tracks are complete, you can also click-drag the original recorded region to a different track to hear the changes in sound.

Click-drag the recorded Real Instrument region from the Guitar with Reverb track to the Arena Rock track.

Click-drag the region down to the next track and listen to the British Invasion sound.

As you can see, it’s easy to test-drive the different amp simulators in the Timeline. You can also use this method when practicing or recording your guitar. Simply click the track header of the amp simulator that you want to hear to select that track. Then play your guitar and practice with the amp simulator sound, or record the part.

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