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What You’ve Learned

  • Arranging music means putting all of the different pieces together to build a finished song. This includes selecting the instruments and the instrument parts that work best for the song.

  • Melody is the memorable part of a song that you can hum to yourself and is usually performed by the lead vocals or lead instrument.

  • Rhythm is the heartbeat or pulse of a song and is usually performed by the drums and additional instruments like rhythm guitar.

  • The up and down arrows can be used to change which track is selected in the Timeline. The up arrow selects the track above the current selected track. The down arrow selects the next track below the current select track.

  • S and M are the shortcut keys for soloing and muting the selected track.

  • When the timing of a region doesn’t match the rest of the song, it is off beat, or out of time. This can happen if you move a region in the Timeline while snapping is turned off. To fix the timing, turn snapping on and move the region again to snap it to the Timeline grid.

  • Spreading out regions so the different instruments start one after another instead of all at once is a common technique for building the beginning of a song.

  • Basic arranging techniques include adding regions to the Timeline, and moving, extending, and splitting regions.

  • Previewing a loop in the Loop Brower means that you listen to the loop by itself. Auditioning a loop means that you are listening to a loop in the browser while the song is playing in the Timeline. Auditioning is a process of evaluating how something sounds in context with the song.

  • To double a track, you place the identical region in the same location on two separate tracks with similar or complementary instruments, such as two different electric guitar tracks.

  • A drum turnaround is a change in the drum track that leads the song in a new direction, or turns the song back around to a familiar established musical part.

  • Once you’ve established the main sections of the song (intro, verse, chorus, and so on), you can copy and paste or Option-drag the different sections to repeat them later in the song.

  • To select regions in different consecutive tracks, you can click-drag a lasso over the clips. The lasso needs to start in the blank track space of the highest or lowest track. Shift-click to select multiple regions that are on different tracks, or are not consecutive.



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