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Chapter 6. Working With Samplers > Writing an Unpitched Track

Writing an Unpitched Track

Now it's time to write a rhythm track using the custom rhythm-SFX patch you made in the preceding section. Since our NN-19 patch has drum and sound effects, we'll be creating two Sequencer tracks (one for each type of sound) and using them both simultaneously to play one NN-19!

To set up two Sequencer tracks for one device

Load the rhythm-SFX NN-19 patch you made in the last exercise.

In the Sequencer, switch to Edit mode and turn off the Key lane view by clicking the Show Key Lane button once (Figure 6.45).

Figure 6.45. You can hide the Key lane when it's open by clicking Show Key Lane.

Turn on the Drum lane view by clicking on the Show Drum Lane button (Figure 6.46). This will be your drum track.

Figure 6.46. Use the Show Drum Lane button to see your track in drum view.

Double-click the track name in the Sequencer device list, and rename it Drum track to avoid confusion.

Next we'll set up the sound effects track.

Right-click the Sequencer window's device list and select Create Sequencer Track (Figure 6.47).

Figure 6.47. Create a new Sequencer track for your ambient sounds, so you can keep them grouped and mute or solo them separately.

This creates a new track, labeled New Track 1, with an empty device window (Figure 6.48).

Figure 6.48. The new Sequencer track will not yet be assigned to a device.

Click the arrow in the Out column of the device list to pop up a menu of Rack devices, and assign the new track to your NN-19 (Figure 6.49).

Figure 6.49. Assign a device using the pull-down menu.

Double-click the name New Track 1 and rename it to SFX Track, but leave the track in default Key lane mode.

Save your patch and your song so that you can come back to them later.



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