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Lesson 13. Working with Video in Logic Pro > Working with the Movie's Audio

Working with the Movie's Audio

If you were listening a few seconds ago when you opened the Turtles movie in QuickTime, you heard the audio in it. You can choose to have Logic play the movie's audio over the score you're creating, or tell Logic to ignore the movie's audio and just play sound from the Arrange window. (The rest of the tasks in this lesson are for Logic Pro users only.)

Press the spacebar to play the song.

As the SPL moves across the Arrange area, the movie plays. However, you do not hear any sound yet.

Press the spacebar to stop playback.

Click and hold anywhere on the Movie window, and choose Video/Movie Settings from the menu that appears.

The Song Settings window opens with the Video pane showing. At the bottom of this pane is a Sound Output menu.

From the Sound Output menu, choose Internal.

With the Song Settings window still open, press the spacebar to start playback.

As the song plays, you now hear the movie's audio. However, it's much more useful to have the video's audio in the Arrange area, where you can edit it. In the next section you'll add the movie's audio directly to your Logic song using a single step.


If you have your Video Output set to FireWire, the External Sound Output option sends the movie's sound out to the FireWire display device. For more information on using the FireWire Video Output option, see the sidebar below titled “FireWire Video Display.”

Set the Sound Output menu back to Mute.

Close the Song Settings window.



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