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Lesson 5. Working with Software Instruments > Using the ES2 Synthesizer

Using the ES2 Synthesizer

The ES2 is a versatile and comprehensive synthesizer capable of a great range of sounds. From large-sounding leads to evolving pads, classic analog waveforms to digital waveforms and FM, the ES2 offers a wide array of tools for synthesizer enthusiasts.

Select the Inst 6 track.

In the Arrange channel strip, click-hold the input field and choose Stereo Logic > ES2.

The ES2 interface opens.

Click-hold the preset menu and choose Lead Synths Bank A > Special Lead.

Play your MIDI keyboard to audition the instrument.

Looking at the Router (the modulation matrix in the center of the interface), you can see that this sound has a fairly complex modulation setup. Try hitting the keys with different velocities, and pressing down while a key is being held (if your keyboard has aftertouch capability) to hear the effect these routings have on the sound.

Even with many sound-processing features, this lead sound still lacks a certain something for the production at hand. One of the distinct advantages to using software instruments in Logic is the ability to add effects to the generated sound and create new combinations.

Click-hold the topmost insert slot in the Arrange channel strip and choose Stereo > Delay > Tape Delay.

The Tape Delay plug-in opens.

Play your MIDI keyboard to hear the instrument through the Tape Delay plug-in.

The echo time sounds good, but we need to have fewer repeats at a lower volume.

Drag the Feedback slider at the far left of the plug-in downward to about 16%, reducing the number of repeated echoes.

Drag the Mix slider at the opposite end of the plug-in downward to about 19%, adjusting the amount of wet signal.

Play the song to hear the part through the ES2 (with the Tape Delay).



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