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What You've Learned

  • Most of Logic Pro's Audio Instruments follow common interface conventions, which helps with understanding the instrument as well as locating controls.

  • The relationship between GarageBand instruments and their parent instruments can be useful when creating and editing sounds.

  • Ultrabeat utilizes kits that contain individually programmed voices, each with its own unique settings and modulations.

  • Ultrabeat's built-in step sequencer works in conjunction with the Logic song to compose and play back patterns.

  • Ultrabeat's step sequence patterns can be triggered via MIDI notes, which can be recorded, stringing together patterns and individual hits.

  • The EXS24 consists of samples organized into sampler instruments that are further shaped by the interface controls.

  • The Vintage Keyboard instruments have built-in effects processing associated with each instrument.

  • Instrument and effects combinations can chained together to create powerful sounds, which can be saved and utilized as Channel Strip settings.

  • Global tracks affect Audio Instruments in the same manner as classic MIDI hardware.

  • External MIDI hardware can be incorporated into the session as an Audio Instrument by using the External plug-in.

  • Sculpture utilizes a String acted upon by Objects as the basis for sound generation.

  • Sculpture's Waveshaper and Body EQ allow you to further process the instrument in interesting ways.

  • Sculpture's Morph Pad enables you to smoothly move from various states of control settings.



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