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Lesson 1. Speeding Up Workflow > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • Song templates are varied and specific to certain session tasks, such as stereo mastering or multitrack recording.

  • Song templates can be customized for individual needs, such as maximizing the workspace. Techniques such as locating the Transport window within the Arrange window, using Auto Track Zoom, and resizing the border between the Parameter boxes/channel strip and the Track List can help gain room for viewing regions.

  • Having a screenset unlocked can be advantageous to the editing stage, as it allows a dynamic view of data that is currently being worked on.

  • Key Command assignments that execute similar functions should utilize common keys to aid in memorization.

  • It is helpful to assign related key commands to similar functions to aid in memorization.

  • There are useful functions that are accessible only via key command.

  • A single key can be assigned for both single and multiple functions. Assigning the same key command to similar functions within different windows also aids in memorizing workflow.

  • Accessing the toolbox is important to workflow, and it can be done quickly by using alternate tools, using the Esc key to display at the pointer location, and using a two-button mouse.

  • There are many key and tool combinations that provide speedy access to common functions.

  • An Autoload Song is a special template file that is loaded automatically when launching Logic, or when no specific template is selected when creating a new song.



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