You've waited a long time for the missing link in Adobe's digital home-studio lineup. Now, with the introduction of the brand-new Audition music creation software, it's finally here-if only you could figure out how to use it! Because Audition started life as CoolEdit (before Adobe purchased the program from Syntrillium Software), its distinctive interface has little in common with Adobe's other content creation stand-bys Premiere and After Effects. Not to worry. This no-nonsense, task-based guide uses step-by-step instructions and a boatload of visual aids to turn the key on Audition's interface, so that you can begin using the software immediately to create and polish audio tracks for your film, video, and DVD projects. You'll quickly get up to speed on all of Audition's audio recording, mixing, analyzing, looping, and editing capabilities, so that by the end of the day, you'll know everything you need to about its noise reduction and audio restoration features, sophisticated spectrum and phase-analysis tools, extensive sound-editing capabilities, and more.

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