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Chapter 17. Uing External Effects > Using Groups for External Effects

Using Groups for External Effects

In Chapter 13, “Audio Effect Plug-ins,” you learned how to use group channels for effects. Groups are convenient because they use one fader to control the levels of multiple tracks, they can apply a single effect to more than one source track, and they can chain multiple effects. The same actions can be applied to groups and external effects. For example, some outboard reverb units sound horrible when too much low-end sound is fed to them; using groups, you can apply a high-pass filter to the low-end sound out of the signal before it is sent to the external reverb. You can also have a delay plug-in as an insert on the group and then feed the delays to an external chorus, reverb, or phase-shifting effect.

To use an external effect via a group channel

Choose a group channel, add any insert effects or EQs to it that you want, and name the group (Figure 17.13).

Figure 17.13. If a group channel has a good, descriptive name, you can more easily set up send effects to it because the send effects drop-down menu will display it.

Click the lower-left corner of the Cubase mixer to display the Input and Output settings in the extended mixer.

Route the group channel to the VST connection that is connected to the external effect (Figure 17.14).

Figure 17.14. Choosing the output bus for the group channel.

Find a track to use as a source for the external effect. Select Sends to be viewed in the extended mixer.

Choose an empty send effect slot and click it to open the drop-down menu. Select the name of the group from the list (Figure 17.15).

Figure 17.15. In the channel with the send effect, you can select the group channel as the send destination.

Adjust the blue-green slider for the send effect to send more or less of the signal to the group and external effect.

Repeat steps 3 through 6 for any additional channels you want to send to the group or external effect.



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