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Chapter 15. Rewire And Cubase > Sending Audio via ReWire

Sending Audio via ReWire

The first two ReWire audio inputs in Cubase are almost always dedicated to the full mix coming from the ReWire application. When you use Live with Cubase, for example, the master two-channel output from the program will be routed by default to ReWire inputs 1 and 2 in Cubase. That's fine for many situations, but part of what makes ReWire so great is its multichannel capability. If you want to apply EQ to one Live loop in Cubase or to bus a synth sound from Reason to a group with other VSTi synth sounds and a delay insert, ReWire lets you. Not every ReWire slave application manages this routing in the same way, but all will work somewhat like the following example, which uses Live.

Saving ReWire Projects

One of the great advantages of a software system like Cubase is that when a project is saved, every element is also saved. This includes not just audio files, but mix settings, plug-ins, software synths, and everything else that makes a project a song. When you start using ReWire applications, you bring an extra layer of power and complexity to your workflow and project file management.

Here are some keys to help you master file management.

  • First, always save all ReWire slave projects in the same folder as the Cubase project. This makes finding your files later easier.

  • Second, if you import samples or loops to the ReWire slave application, make a folder inside the Cubase project folder and copy all of the imported files into that folder. If you move the project later, you won't miss any of the files if you keep them together with your project.

  • Last, include something in the file name of the Cubase project to indicate that it uses a ReWire application. For example, I include an R for Reason in the name, so WhirlingDub.cpr becomes WhirlingDub_R_.cpr.



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