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Chapter 15. Rewire And Cubase > Enabling a ReWire Application in Cubase

Enabling a ReWire Application in Cubase

When a ReWire-capable application is installed, it becomes available to Cubase, but you have to activate it in Cubase before Cubase and the ReWire application can work together. When the ReWire application is enabled, Cubase creates ReWire channels in the mixer and allows the ReWire application, like Reason, to connect with Cubase. If the application is not ReWire-enabled in Cubase, it will simply open as a stand-alone application, unaware that it ought to be synced with Cubase and sending MIDI and audio data back and forth.

To enable a ReWire application

With Cubase open but with the ReWire application closed, open the Devices menu in Cubase and select the application you want to configure (Figure 15.3).

Figure 15.3. ReWire applications are treated like devices and need to be activated in this menu.

The ReWire configuration panel (Figure 15.4) for the selected application opens, showing available and active audio channels.

Figure 15.4. Clicking any button will activate that audio channel for a ReWire program.

Click the power buttons to activate as many ReWire audio channels as you want (Figure 15.5). The buttons on the active channels will turn blue.

Figure 15.5. Reason now has six channels of audio that can be routed to Cubase.

When you have finished, close the window and open the Cubase mixer to see the ReWire channels.



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