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Chapter 5. Recording MIDI > Recording MIDI in Stacked Mode

Recording MIDI in Stacked Mode

One of the exciting new features in Cubase SX 2 that was unavailable in the first version of SX is the ability to record MIDI in Stacked mode. This mode was discussed briefly in Chapter 4, “Recording Audio.” When you record in Stacked mode, each pass creates a new take visible on the track being recorded. After you record the takes, you can edit them into one single take made up of the best parts of each individual take. Recording MIDI in Stacked mode is similar in many ways to recording audio in Stacked mode.

To record MIDI in Stacked mode

Set the left and right locators where you want the MIDI parts to begin and end (Figure 5.26).

Figure 5.26. The top two tracks already have audio recorded, while the next track down is an empty MIDI track, ready for stack recording.

On the Transport bar, click the Cycle button.

Select Stacked from the Cycle recording menu on the Transport bar (Figure 5.27).

Figure 5.27. Clicking this setting in the menu will activate Stacked mode.

Click the Record button on the Transport bar to start Cycle recording; play through the loop a few times.

When you're done recording, click Stop on the Transport bar or press the spacebar on the keyboard.

Each take will be visible on the track that was just recorded (Figure 5.28).

Figure 5.28. After recording, each of the five takes is shown as a distinct lap on the MIDI track.



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