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Chapter 4. Recording Audio > Recording Multiple Tracks

Recording Multiple Tracks

In many situations—from capturing the simple stereo output from a synthesizer to capturing the setup for a full rock band with dozens of microphones—you will need to record more than one track at a time. One cannot live on mono alone.

To record multiple audio tracks

For each track to be recorded, select a distinct input in the Track inspector.

Cubase won't enable tracks for recording if they have the same input selected.

Select the tracks to be recorded by doing one of the following:

  • To select multiple tracks one by one, hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command-Option (Mac OS) key and click each individual track to be recorded.

  • To select a group of tracks, click the first track in the group; then hold down the Shift key and click the last track in the group (Figure 4.22).

    Figure 4.22. The track list has been resized to show four tracks selected for recording.

Check that the Record Enable button is red for all of the tracks.

Click Record on the Transport bar.

The selected tracks will turn red to indicate that they are recording (Figure 4.23), and the project will play back.

Figure 4.23. All of the selected tracks in the track list are red to indicate that they are recording; note that the top track was not selected and so is not recording.

When you are done recording, click Stop on the Transport bar or press the spacebar on your keyboard.

✓ Tips

  • Tracks actually don't need to be selected for you to record them. As long as the Record Enable button is selected, a track will start recording when Record is engaged, regardless of whether the track is selected (Figure 4.24). Assuming that the input is available, selecting a track will enable it for recording, so sometimes the easiest and quickest approach is to select a track, while other times the best approach is to just click the Record Enable button.

    Figure 4.24. Each track with an activated Record Enable button will be recorded, even if the track was not selected.

  • You can hear the audio while recording by selecting the Monitor button, which is next to the Record Enable button.

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