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Chapter 12. Mixing MIDI > Creating a Tremolo Effect with AutoPan

Creating a Tremolo Effect with AutoPan

To see the versatility of AutoPan, we will use it to create a tremolo effect, changing only a few parameters from the defaults. Remember that you can use this effect to modify any continuous controller message.

To create a MIDI tremolo effect with AutoPan

Using a track with some sustained notes or chords (electric piano sounds work great for this), click an insert slot and select the AutoPan effect as an insert on the mixer channel for the track.

Select the square wave (Figure 12.20).

Figure 12.20. A square wave shape will create a strong, pulsing effect.

Any of the controller shapes will work for a tremolo sound, but we will use the square wave to achieve a somewhat choppy effect.

Click the handle below the Controller setting and use the slider to set the value for the Main Volume controller field (Figure 12.21).

Figure 12.21. Set the controller to Main Volume to create a tremolo effect.

Tremolo is nothing more than modulation of the output volume.

Set Density to 32 (it probably will default to that value).

Set the period to determine how rapidly the controller cycles. In this case, click the arrows next to the Period value to set it to 2th (Figure 12.22), which translates to a half note.

Figure 12.22. With Period set to 2th, the pulse controller waveform will finish once every half note.

With this setting, the waveform will cycle through its complete range every two beats, creating a fairly slow tremolo effect.

Set the Max and Min values to specify the range of the controller values sent.

The settings in Figure 12.22 will create a fairly subtle effect, varying the output velocity between 90 and 105. A larger range would create a more pronounced effect.

Start playback in Cubase to hear the effect.

You can change the parameters in real time to get a better understanding how they work.



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