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Chapter 12. Mixing MIDI > Creating a Simple Arpeggio

Creating a Simple Arpeggio

The Arpache effect is difficult to understand in theory, but pretty easy to use in practice. The following shows you how to create a simple effect for a MIDI track that has already been recorded. Remember that the effect can also be used on live MIDI coming from a MIDI controller.

To create an arpeggio effect with Arpache

Choose a MIDI track with some kind of chord material. Select Inserts from the extended view pop-up menu (on the left side of the Mixer window).

Select an insert slot and, from the pull-down menu, choose the Arpache 5 effect for that MIDI channel.

Click the up arrow button (Figure 12.14) to create an arpeggio that moves from low to high pitches.

Figure 12.14. Setting the arpeggio to ramp up.

Click the arrow in the Quantize setting to set the number of notes in the arpeggio.

In this example, the value is set to 8 (Figure 12.15). With this setting, the effect will play a note in the arpeggio every eighth-note.

Figure 12.15. Setting Quantize to 8 creates an arpeggio with a note played every eighth note.

Use the Semi-Range value to set the low and high boundaries of the arpeggio.

This value is set in semitones. For example, set the value to 24, and all notes created in the arpeggio will be within a two-octave range.

Set the Length parameter to determine the length of the notes in the arpeggio.

If you set this value higher than the Quantize value, more than one note will play back simultaneously; a lower setting will create progressively more staccato arpeggios. A setting of 32, as shown in Figure 12.16, creates a very short note length.

Figure 12.16. If you set Length to 32, the effect will play only short notes, creating a very staccato sound.

Start playback in Cubase to hear the effect.

The track with chords will now play a staccato, ascending arpeggio.



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