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Chapter 18. Exporting & Rendering Tracks > Creating a Surround Mix

Creating a Surround Mix

The previous example created a stereo mix, and although the process for creating a surround mix is similar, there are a few differences. The primary difference is that you need to decide what kind of files you want to export, and how many of them. Most of the time, you'll be importing your surround mix into another application so you can add it to a video, burn it to a DVD audio disc, or compress it for some other release format. Most of those applications will expect that you have exported discrete files: one for each speaker and the subwoofer if one is present. However, Cubase SX 2 and some other applications can also read interleaved files, where one file contains the data from all six channels. If you're going to import the surround mix back into Cubase, you can probably render an interleaved mix, but if you plan to work in another application for final authoring, you'll probably want to export discrete files.

To create a surround mix

After completing all editing on your mix, set the left locator at the beginning and the right locator at the end of the mix.

From the File menu, choose Export > Audio Mixdown.

In the Export Audio Mixdown panel, open the Outputs menu and select your surround bus (Figure 18.22).

Figure 18.22. Selecting the surround bus to be exported.

Open the Channels menu and select Interleaved or Split for your rendered files (Figure 18.23).

Figure 18.23. This setting will create six discrete audio files: one for each channel in the 5.1 mix.

Name the file or files to be created and set the parameters for the type and characteristics of the file, such as its sample rate (Figure 18.24).

Figure 18.24. With all settings correct, clicking the Save button will export the surround mix.



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