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Chapter 18. Exporting & Rendering Tracks > Rendering ReWire Tracks

Rendering ReWire Tracks

Track rendering is also very convenient when you are working with ReWire applications—for instance, when you create a loop in Live, program a beat using the pattern sequencers included with Reason, or trigger a synth sound in another ReWire application. Working with these applications in real time is great, but when a track is ready to be mixed, the easiest approach often is to print everything to an audio file in Cubase. You can still use the method described earlier—solo and render—but you can also use a new feature in SX 2 that lets you choose specific mixer channels for rendering. The following example does just that.

To render ReWire tracks

In the Cubase mixer, set the channel fader for the ReWire channel you want to render to 0.00 (Figure 18.17), or to a higher or lower value if you want to raise or lower the output of the rendered file.

Figure 18.17. Setting the fader of the ReWire channel to 0.00.

Set the left and right locators at the beginning and end of the section you want to render.

From the File menu, select Export > Audio Mixdown.

In the Export Audio Mixdown panel, name the file (Figure 18.18).

Figure 18.18. Naming the file to be exported.

Click the Outputs pop-up menu and select ReWire and then the specific output you want to render (Figure 18.19).

Figure 18.19. Selecting the correct ReWire outputs.

If you want to change the type of file or sample rate before rendering, do so.

Click Save to render the file.



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